Ordinary Time

Weeks 1 & 3

Sunday Evening Prayer I

O Light Serene of God

Sunday Morning Prayer

Transcendent God in Whom We Live

Hymn has 3 versions.

Version 1 uses the tune from the hymn "Now That The Daylight Fills The Sky."

Version 2 uses the tune from the hymn "Come, O Creator Spirit, Come."

Version 3 uses the tune from the hymn "All People That On Earth Do Well."

Sunday Morning Prayer Alternative Hymn

Christ is the World's Redeemer

Sunday Evening Prayer II

Praise to the Holiest

Sunday Evening Prayer II Alternative Hymn

In the Beginning God Created Heaven

Monday Morning Prayer

The Day is Filled With Splendour

Monday Evening Prayer

Come Praise the Lord, the Almighty

Tuesday Morning Prayer

O Christ, the Light of Heaven

Tuesday Evening Prayer

O Strength and Stay

Wednesday Morning Prayer

Lord, God, Your Light Which Dims the Stars

Wednesday Evening Prayer

Christ Be Near At Either Hand

Thursday Morning Prayer

The Father's Glory, Christ Our Light

Thursday Evening Prayer

When God Had Filled the Earth With Life

Friday Morning Prayer

We Bless You, Father, Lord of Life

Friday Evening Prayer

When God Made Man, He Gave Him All the Earth

Saturday Morning Prayer

It Were My Soul's Desire

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